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It’s all a Balance

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It’s all a Balance

Mom’s do it all! And need to find that balance. This gift will help remind her to take 5 minutes to de-stress with these natural organic items.

This gift box includes luxury items and beautiful keepsakes in a lush organic pine box:
‘Saje’ Tingle Mint soap-filled wash pad – treat your skin and senses to an invigorating blend of refreshing herbs with the gentle exfoliation wash pad.

- Formulary Sea Mineral Body Polish – detoxify your skin and refresh your senses with this therapeutic blend of salts and pure essential oils.
- Hinoki Sage Matte Ceramic Candle from ‘Illume Candles” – grounded in soothing cypress, with a heart of gathered garden herbs, and kissed with salted citrus.
- Chai Tea Blend
- Vanilla Satin Scrunchie
- Cooling Peppermint Roll on – Headache Remedy, providing a cooling, tingling and
‘halo’-like effect when applied topically
- Formulary Sparkling Apiary No.55 Bath Tablet – most popular blend, clean, sweet
and soothing, almost good enough to eat! Milk & Honey scented.
- Wrapped in a Sage Green Tea Towel